These are a few of our favorite books 

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The National Home Funeral Alliance has published 4 guidebooks on the subject of home funerals. These collections are heartfelt and easy to understand guides for families to use in their time of need. 

Undertaken with Love by Holly Stevens: This manual will teach you how to research state laws and identify your legal rights and responsibilities; how to handle, bathe and transport the body; and how to create and sustain an effective community care group. 

Essentials for Practicing Home Funeral Guides by Lee Webster: Easy to read, practical resource guide, manual, template, and best practices all-in-one collection that every home funeral guide needs to ensure consistent, quality service that meets FTC regulations. 

Building Bridges Along the Deathcare Continuum by Lee WebsterA blueprint for change in your local agencies and institutions; includes inside information, examples of institutional policies, and tools for building relationships with local hospices, hospitals, and care facilities.

Planning Guide & Workbook for Home Funeral Families by Lee Webster: Checklists and suggestions to help make all the decisions needed for a home funeral family. Leave a meaningful legacy of trust by writing it all down; and then have the conversation with friends and loved ones​. 

The Wheel of Life by Elizabeth Kubler Ross: Dr. Ross in a world-renowned medical doctor, psychiatrist and thanatologist known for her work with children and AIDS patients. She is credited with bringing the hospice movement to the United States. The Wheel of Life is her personal memoir on death and dying. 

Sacred Dying by Megory Anderson: Death may be inevitable, but dying alone or in fear does not have to be. Sacred Dying is theologian Megory Anderson’s essential testimonial and handbook for creating a dignified, peaceful, and more sacred end to life.

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan: One of the most detailed after-death communications ever recorded, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers takes you on an unprecedented journey into the mysteries of life beyond death. It has the potential to provide understanding and healing to the bereaved. 

No One Has to Die Alone by Lani Leary: Offers the practical skills, vocabulary and insights needed to truly address needs of a dying loved one while caring for yourself through the process. 

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Considered a holy text, this ancient Buddhist holy book, hidden away for many centuries, reveals the secrets enlightened living and life after death. This heavy text is suited better for study than easy reading. 

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