Films & Videos about Death & Dying

Below are some contemplative and educational videos that we value. 

A Family Undertaking by CBS: "A Family Undertaking" explores the home-funeral movement as it profiles advocates and families who are burying loved ones without the services of undertakers. The hour briefly visits a funeral-industry convention in Florida (where a speaker urges colleagues to provide a "meaningful death experience" for consumers), but mostly it focuses on families who provide what advocate Beth Knox calls their own "after-death care." 

Griefwalker by Stephen Jenkinson and Tim Wilson: Griefwalker is a National Film Board of Canada feature documentary film, directed by Tim Wilson.

It is a lyrical, poetic portrait of Stephen Jenkinson’s work with dying people. Filmed over a twelve year period, Griefwalker shows Jenkinson in teaching sessions with doctors and nurses, in counselling sessions with dying people and their families, and in meditative and often frank exchanges with the film’s director while paddling a birch bark canoe about the origins and consequences of his ideas for how we live and die.

Rebranding Death by Al Jazeera The finality of death is overwhelming for a lot of people. In fact, more than half of Americans are “afraid” or “very afraid” of facing death, according to a Chapman University Study. But the birth of the “Death Positive” or “Death Wellness” movement is hoping to change the cultural mindset about dying. Available on youtube:

Death is Only the Beginning by Alan Watts: brings a humorous clear, fresh look at death with ideas of delightful dying and going out with a bang and not a whimper. A time to rejoice. Alan talks about transcending yourself, going beyond your ego is the great preparation for death May all beings be kind to one another.

Prepare for a Good End of Life by Judy MacDonald Johnston: Thinking about death is frightening, but planning ahead is practical and leaves more room for peace of mind in our final days. In a solemn, thoughtful talk, Judy MacDonald Johnston shares 5 practices for planning for a good end of life. This is on Youtube:

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