Grief Work 

We believe that we all carry grief and some of us in massive amounts. At best we are well adjusted to a hurting world, compensating space in our bones for the pain.


We believe that when this pain goes unprocessed or invalidated, it comes out sideways. It comes out as an illness or as addiction or destructive behavior. When most humans harbor this kind of pain and a small percentage of them are doing to work to properly process it, across entire generations, we begin to see alot more depression and alot more mental illness. 

The theory is that grief is too big of a thing for one person to hold alone. We need to have the support of our loved ones, of a community that will hold us up when we are that down. And sadly, many people in modern times dont have those kind of communities. I think there is a collective grief over that that most people do not recognize. It is the sum of this collective grief that is displayed as our current world. We have alot of  grief work to do.

Upcoming Grief Workshop:

Grief (and the Holiday Season) 

This class is a tender place to explore how grief is practiced across different traditions and how we might use some of those practices to process or own grief, or help us support others in grief more effectively. 

Friday, December 11, 2020 6-8pm (MT) 

$33-$66 sliding scale

Email us for a registration form. 

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