Educating and Building Community 

"Knowledge gathers wood and flint and gut. Wisdom conjures a cranky, playable fiddle from the gatherings. People who have been bathed in the grief and love for life play some small magnificence on those fiddles together, and sing their unknown songs, and make human culture.” 
― Stephen Jenkinson

Photo of Jon Hallford of Return to Nature Funeral Home teaching on green burial options and aquamation. We believe in considering the integrity of the body and the earth when we lay our loved ones to rest. 

Attendees of our July 'Home Funeral 101' class at the gorgeous Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens in Denver. These are what the people who care about your quality of death look like. We want to add so many faces to this community that we all become unrecognizable pen-dots of death positive culture. 

Our Deeper Deathwork Class in October had a mix of death care professionals, energy workers, social workers, and all around great humans with huge hearts wanting to advance how we are caring for our dying in America. The class was deep and full of spirit and we cannot wait for the next workshop!

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Home Funerals 101

Deathwives introductory class will teach you what you know to coordinate a home funeral. 

Deeper Deathwork

Deeper Deathwork will discuss the scope of death midwifery from physical, spiritual & emotional perspectives. 

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Virtual Learning

Death Cafes, Hybrid classes, Ceremony, Funeral Pre-planning, Home Funeral and Death Doula Intro courses

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