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Intro to Home Funeral Guide

Home funerals are safe and legal. We will teach you what you need to know in an afternoon.  Saturday, November 14, 2-4 pm MT


Planning the Final Farewell

You can plan your funeral, just like you plan your wedding or your births. It is kind of a big deal. We will throw in some ceremony crafting for free.  Sunday, November 29, 2-4 pm MT


Grief (and the Holiday Season)

This class is a tender place to explore how grief is practiced across different traditions and how we might use some of those practices to process or own grief, or help us support others in grief more effectively.  Friday, December 11, 6-8pm MT


Intro to Deathwork: Death Doula 101

A Death Doula is a person who journeys beside a dying person and their family. Though it seems new and trendy, it is ancient and profound. This intro class covers the basics of being a death doula (aka end-of-life doula or death companion) and then some.

Sunday December 13, 2-4 pm MT


Eco-Friendly Death: Your Lasting Footprint

In this workshop we explore our lasting footprint - what options we have after death, the early history of funerals and the grave impact that our modern funerals have on mother nature.  Sunday January 10, 2-4pm MT

We care about access and equity. 

All classes are available on an honor-system sliding scale of $33-66.

Pay what you can. If you can pay more, it will help another student who cant. If you pay the minimum, you are wholly welcomed and appreciated.

To register, email us and we will send you a registration form.

This class was so wonderful and has given me a lot upon which to ruminate.

-Laura, Death Doula 101 Student

I attended Lauren’s training for home funerals in August of 2015.  It enhanced my business by giving me the knowledge I needed to add “home funeral guide” to our services at The Good Earth. Lauren also gave us the inside view of the funeral industry. How it began, how it runs.  I highly recommend this workshop!         -Shelia Champion                                                                                                                            The Good Earth Green Burial Ground

                                                                                   Huntsville, AL

                                                     Thank you for the wonderful class today.

I’m excited to keep learning!

Claire, online zoom class 


   Intense, heart holding visionaries 💗 BOLDLY going where all beings feel peace. It's my pleasure and honor to be of this community now.               -Jana Joy

                                                                             Houston, TX

"Honestly can't even say how valuable this talk was. If you missed it live, it is *well* worth a watch."

- Anna Gantz


Who are the Deathwives?


We are educators, advocates, caregivers,  students, community members.

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