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A Collective of death and dying educators, professionals, and advocates that are changing how we do death in America. 
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                     Lumber Barn Mansion Denver, CO


  I attended Lauren’s training for home funerals in August of 2015.  It enhanced my business by giving me the knowledge I needed to add “home funeral guide” to our services at The Good Earth. Lauren also gave us the inside view of the funeral industry. How it began, how it runs.  I highly recommend this workshop!         -Shelia Champion                                                                                                                            The Good Earth Green Burial Ground

                                                                                   Huntsville, AL


   Intense, heart holding visionaries 💗 BOLDLY going where all beings feel peace. It's my pleasure and honor to be of this community now.               -Jana Joy

                                                                             Houston, TX


Who are the Deathwives?


We are educators, advocates, caregivers,  students, community members.

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